Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How soon can I get an appointment?

A- If you make your request online you can expect a call from us that same day, so we can go over the schedule and type of work needed. You can also reach us by phone to make an appointment.

Q- Where are you located?

A- We are in San Francisco, CA.

Q- What cities do you offer drop off/ pick up service to?

A- At this time, we will pick up and drop off computers for repair throughout the city of San Francisco.

Q- Do you work on Macs?

A- We specialize in all things PC, but Mac repair will be available in the near future.

Q- What forms of payment do you accept?

A- We accept cash and checks.

Q- Is there a minimum charge for on-site service?

A- Our minimum charge is $60 for all on-site service.

Q- Will you provide an estimate?

A- Yes, after a diagnosis is made we will provide an estimate of what the repair will cost, including parts and labor.

Q- Do you guarantee your work?

A- Our work is guaranteed for 90 days.

Q- How long will the repair take if I drop off my computer?

A- It depends on the severity of the problem, but usually we start working on the repair as soon as we get the computer.
You will be informed of the estimated time it will take to fix it. If any parts need to be ordered, it will take at least 2-4 days longer.

Q- Will I get an estimate for my computer or laptop repair?

A- When you contact us you will receive an estimate of what we believe the cost of your desktop/laptop repair will be. Upon receiving your desktop/laptop we will diagnose the problem and give you the option to authorize or decline the repair. If you decline the repair you will only pay for the return shipping/delivery charges.